Personalized Learning in

Applied Information Technology

Personalized Teaching Images


ALT - IT 214-001
IT 214 section 001 will be taught in Active Learning with Technology Classroom (EXPL L102) in Spring 2016

PLAIT Mission

Personalized Learning in AIT laboratory (PLAIT) synergizes the AIT initiatives related to basic and applied research in personalized education, competency-based assessment and customized higher education.

Besides performing educational research it also assists educators from various disciplines in their effort to explore and discover new dimensions of innovative learning and provides a collaborative environment for an open dialog on the future of college education.

PLAIT’s main activities focus on:

  • Personalized learning tailored to students’ goals and competency level
  • Competency-based dynamic assessment advancing the student in the learning process
  • Customized degree completion offering supportive tutoring and accelerated path
  • Customized teaching with dynamic adjustment based on the students’ needs
  • Fine-grained modular approach building the competency network of knowledge topics
  • Dynamic design and instruction based on students data analytics

The ultimate goal of the Personalized Learning in AIT laboratory is to create a new educational environment to extensively support innovative efforts of educators and to provide extraordinary learning experience for each student.