Personalized Learning in

Applied Information Technology

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ALT - IT 214-001
IT 214 section 001 will be taught in Active Learning with Technology Classroom (EXPL L102) in Spring 2016

OSCAR Curriculum Scholarship

One of the main goals for this grant is to provide scaffolded learning experiences for the IST students and help them better understand how research may be applied in the IT field. It is expected that students who complete a sequence of the several courses will progress from the Discovery of Scholarship level to the Creation of Scholarship level and will be prepared to perform research independently and create original scholarly or creative projects by the end of their college career.

These learning experiences will form an important new academic pathway for BS IT students interested in pursuing higher-level education, helping them prepare for Master's and Doctorate level degrees and certificates.

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Workshop Series:
Mason Life-lasting Learning

Starting in 2013, PLAIT laboratory is organizing a series of workshop with the desire to identify and promote life-lasting learning experiences for students.

Customizing Higher Education:
Competency-based Personalized Learning

Description: The workshop is intended to bring together the Volgenau School faculty to discuss recent developments and prospects in higher education and to support their effort in creating an innovative learning environment for GMU students. The workshop will contain presentations and discussions, and will end with a moderated panel.

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